Townsend’s Inlet Bridge to undergo span replacement Nearly 7 out of the 27 spans of Townsend’s Inlet Bridge will be replaced due to structural weakness spotted above and below the water line.

Townsend's Inlet Bridge to undergo span replacement

A bridge connecting two New Jersey towns in the US will be shut down for over 8 months as intensive repairs on the bridge commence. According to a statement by the Cape May County officials – Townsend’s Inlet Bridge will be shut down from early hours on Sept. 17, and is expected to stay shut until May 22.

The bridge, which was built nearly 80 years ago, was taken up for emergency repairs following evidence of structural damage recorded during an underwater inspection of the bridge’s pilings. Cape May County officials have officially announced that they would prefer to replace the $8.6 million project, however, reports of a new bridge estimate costs to the tune of $155 million dollars.

Demolition and construction works on the bridge will be carried out by floating equipment, the report further added.

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