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CNH Global and Kobelco will end their joint ownership and equity alliances and eliminate all exclusivity rights, opting instead for non-exclusive licensing and supply agreements. CNH, which owns the New Holland and Case construction equipment brands, had operated in a global alliance with Kobelco Construction Machinery since January 2002. The agreement saw the world’s markets divided between Kobelco and CNH, with Kobelco’s sales and marketing rights limited to the Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asian and Australian markets.

Under the new agreement, CNH will continue to manufacture Kobelco excavators at its factories in Calhoun, US, San Mauro, Italy and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It will also continue to source select models, including short-radius excavators, from Kobelco in Japan for five years and component parts for ten years. This means CNH will market full-sized excavators featuring Kobelco technology under its New Holland construction brand and compact excavators under its New Holland Construction and Case construction equipment brands

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