Russian shipyard starts construction of cod, haddock longliner-processors


Saint-Petersburg-based Severnaya Verf laid the keel of the first of two longliner-processors — Gandvik-1 — on July 20 for Karelian fishing company Virma.

The vessel model is a MT1112XL, designed by the Norwegian company Marin Teknikk.

The newbuild will have an overall length of 58.6 meters, a width of 13 meters, a displacement of more than 2,000 metric tons and will be equipped with an onboard processing plant, capable of deep and non-waste processing and storage of the catch.

It is designed for eco-friendly fishing of cod and haddock in the Barents Sea.

“The second vessel is to be laid down in two months,” a source at Virma told IntraFish. “Both vessels are scheduled to be commissioned in 2020.”

Virma declined to disclose the cost of the vessel.

However, the company is known as one of four Karelian fishing companies, including Alternativa, Karelian Moreprodukty (Seafood) and Karelryba, which signed agreements with Russia’s fishery agency Rosrybolovstvo to build five new fishing vessels on the domestic shipyards in return of investment quotas.

The total value of the investment into the new five vessels amounted to around RUB 10 billion (€134.9 million/$157.2 million), according to Rosrybolovstvo.

All vessels are scheduled to be commissioned between 2019 and 2023.

At present, Karelian fishing companies are operating 13 vessels, which were all built in the 1980s and 1990s.

The companies are involved in fishing cod, mackerel, haddock, capelin, blue whiting in the Barents Sea and in the areas of the northeastern Atlantic.

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