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Vermeer Corporation announced its acquisition of theremaining non-Vermeer interests of McLaughlin Group, Inc., a leader in thedrill tooling and vacuum excavation industry. Vermeer took an initial vestedposition in McLaughlin in 2012, when it acquired a minority interest in theGreenville, South Carolina company.

“Our initial investment in McLaughlin created the idealopportunity to determine how the company culture and product portfolio fitwithin our organisation,” said Jason Andringa, President and CEO, VermeerCorporation. “Now, we look forward to having the McLaughlin team and theproducts they design and manufacture become part of the comprehensive solutionVermeer provides to the utility market. This is especially important in thearea of soft-dig excavation where we see demand for equipment and expertisecontinuing to grow today and well into the future.”

“For more than 95 years, McLaughlin has provided workablesolutions for the utility industry, where Vermeer is considered a marketleader. We have worked closely with Vermeer and I can confidently say thatincorporating the McLaughlin products into the Vermeer lineup will be apositive for the McLaughlin team and the customers we serve. We look forward tobeing a part of the Vermeer organisation,” said Dave Gasmovic, President andCEO, McLaughlin Group, Inc.

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