Lucknow braves bumpy rides as rain, Metro construction damage roads

LUCKNOW: The movement of heavy machinery and the careless disposal of construction waste for ongoing Metro construction has made commuting a difficult task for residents on city’s roads, which were already battered by continuous rain over the last few days.

The heavy rain had damaged the top layer of most roads, while the Metro construction work has led to the formation of craters and potholes on them.


Infrastructure development cannot be stopped but authorities should take care that it causes minimum inconvenience to the people. In this case, construction activities of Lucknow Metro alone cannot be blamed for damages to the roads. The roads constructed by the LMC were of poor quality at the first place because similar deterioration has been seen in other parts of the city as well following rains. Hence, LMC must work along with Lucknow Metro to repair roads and provide relief to the public.

Routes from Lucknow University (LU) up to IT College Crossing, Faizabad Road from Badshahnahar to HAL (Indiranagar), Hazratganj and Burlington Crossing, and Polytechnic to Munshipulia Crosisng are some of the worst affected by the construction.

TOI found that on Thursday, the stretch between University Road near Hanuman Setu and IT College Crossing was packed with vehicles as there are many schools, colleges and important offices situated along the route. The situation worsens during peak hours and the barricades put up in the middle of the road limits the space for movement and the ongoing construction has only damaged the road.

The University Road is badly damaged on both sides and is ridden with potholes and craters, with tones scattered all over.

Urvashi Verma, a student of LU, said, “The barricades put up for Metro construction has already narrowed the road. On top of it, the poor condition of the road makes commuting inconvenient. A number of accidents have occurred here in the past with one student even dying after he hit a barricade placed in the

middle of the road.”

Tarun Jaiswal, a commuter on the University Road, said, “I feel unsafe while moving past the big earthmovers being used for Metro construction as they are placed haphazardly on roads. Apart from obstructing traffic, their movement causes deep cracks on the road which gets worse during rain. There mud puddles all over and commuters on two-wheelers face difficulties while riding through these broken patches.”

As the stretch of road connects trans-Gomti areas to Hazratganj, many public transport vehicles also use it.

A commuter on the road, Ankur Tripathi, said, “I take an autorickshaw daily to go to my shop in Aminabad. However, riding through the University Road is a nightmare. Because of the poor condition of the roads commuting in an autorickshaw is very uncomfortable. The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation officials should also take care of repairing the road damaged by the Metro construction.”

Managing director of Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, Kumar Keshav, said, “We try to keep repairing broken patches on roads along with Metro construction. However, we had to stop because of the monsoon. As soon as the monsoon gets over and our civil construction is completed by October, we will repair all roads which were damaged along the Metro route in one go.”

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