Capital Gold Group Weighs Bitcoin Against Gold


In this day and age of cyberwarfare, cryptocurrencies aren’t appealing to the vast majority of the public. Just this month, a major cyberattack ravaged grids in at least 150 countries – targeting businesses, hospitals and government agencies in particular.

The primary market for Bitcoin is futures traders, not everyday investors. For individuals seeking a safe haven for their assets, gold has stood the test of time. The yellow metal is a reliable store of wealth that you can touch, see, and hold in your own possession. It cannot be printed, or artificially manipulated by a series of ones and zeroes on a screen.

While Bitcoin is an innovative virtual payment system, the man-made currency still faces many issues in terms of security and sustainability. The stability and versatility of gold as an investment commodity can’t be paralleled.

“When we speak to our customers, we ask them, ‘Would you rather have a bag of bitcoin or a bag or gold?'” said Jonathan Rose, CEO of Capital Gold Group.

“People chuckle and say obviously the bag of gold. I think that sums it up, no matter how high bitcoin trades, there will never be a substitution for true tangible wealth that has stood the test of time and is regarded as the ultimate hedge,” said Mr. Rose.

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