#Bolivia’s first Grove GMK6400 put to work


The first Grove GMK6400 arrived in Bolivia in March has already taken on some major construction projects in the country. Alanoca, a transport and logistics company based in El Alto, added the crane to its rental fleet and put it right to work, supplying it to several contractors for a wide array of projects. Later in 2017, the crane will join a project to construct a petrochemical complex.

According to the company, the GMK6400 offers the best lifting capability of any six-axle mobile crane and includes a self-rigging Mega Wing Lift capacity-enhancing attachment. Main boom on the GMK6400 is 60 m and when working with its luffing jib, the crane can perform lifts no other six-axle or even seven-axle crane can currently achieve. It also features a range of unique design elements, including a single-engine concept and the MegaDrive hydrostatic drive system.

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